The And I Am... Project

As I thought of the beautiful humans in my life, I wondered about how they all see themselves. So much of our identities are dictated by the world around us. We're taught how to bend and fold to fit into narrow boxes of gender, sexuality, and humanness. We often get funneled one way or another and start stumbling over our own feet. We start forgetting (or perhaps never really learn) how to root our feet in meaningful spaces, to let our spines reach toward the moon, and to let our voices carry across the canyons of life. We so often get cultured into shrinking, sinking into the roles identified for us, and are so rarely taught that we, pens in hand, write this for ourselves. 

The And I Am... Project is one that asks us to consider ourselves as whole and beautiful humans that can occupy many spaces all at once. We are never just one thing. We are capable of transcending above and beyond the picket fences, the glass ceilings, and the paths neatly cultivated for us. We are all trail blazers in our own right. We are walking, breathing, feeling human creatures moving around with calcified patriarchy tumbling in our bellies. And we are more. 

This project needs you! I am looking for humans who are learning, flourishing, and growing in their own humanness. Share your stories, your magic, and yourself with the world. We can lay to rest the pretense of who we're taught we should be and replace it with everything that we actually are. What does this mean?! (I'm so glad you asked!) We would schedule a short 45 minute photo session and interview during which I would invite you to define yourself exactly as you are. All you need to be is your own beautiful damn self. 

I am Lindsay. I am a woman. And I am... an artist, a joke-teller, a forever student, empowered, lovable, and an unequivocally imperfect human.

If you'd like to be involved, please email me at